Wednesday, December 29, 2010

partial eclipse of the brain

Last week I drove to a doctor's appointment that was in November. In my defense, I did get the DAY right. I just happened to be 30 days late. They aren't terribly flexible about dates, these doctors.

I also forgot to pay the bills. We were rich for a few days, there, before I remembered. I have run across text messages that are days old, emails I thought I answered.

Today I took R2 to an Endocrine appointment that was an Ophthalmology appointment. Luckily, they were in the same building and I was 20 minutes early, since I had forgotten what time his appointment was.

I write extensive grocery lists and leave them at home. I often find myself in a room, wondering why I am there. I lose my phone multiple times every day. I write reminders on scraps of paper and throw them away.

I've always relied heavily on my memory, doing all our bookkeeping in my head and just remembering appointments, even when R2 was going multiple times a week.

I think something just broke. Is it being 32? Is it the 4th kid? Is it the not sleeping thing? I don't know, or at least I can't remember.


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