Monday, June 11, 2007

still fasting

but you need to know about this:


  1. yup, Conroe

    Cherish = really cool

    Steven = really cool

  2. Awesome bout the peoples at your work!

  3. 07-07-07 huh?
    God's number, 3 in a row..
    they planned that, right?

    I was looking at tobyMac's concert dates & on 07-07-07 he at Paramount's King's Island in Ohio!
    I used to go there many times when visiting relatives when I was young! So fun. I want to go!! That was the only large amusement park I'd been to until I went to Astroworld when engaged in 2001.

    I like King's Island better.. wonder why?.. ; )

  4. Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day, to all the dads!

  5. narf narf to u 2

  6. Took the day off today to take the family to the zoo. The weather is perfect. We're leaving soon.

  7. for anyone reading.

    That girl that I was talking about before, has had a huge, spontaneous, Holy-Spirit filled experience with the Lord. And from it, has gotten hardcore saved!!!! She's not a lesbian anymore and is talking about what God has done for her and all kinds of stuff! She came to Rad Rev with me last night and worshipped her head off and all kinds of good stuff.


    praise God!

  8. Nathan that is so awesome. You just brought the kingdom into your workplace! I am hoping to have a praise report of my own soon. My boss came to my wedding and said that it has done something to him he has been asking all kinds of questions, and I do believe God is going to do something soon!!

  9. Awesome, praise God on both of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No Zoo- Shannon felt a migraine starting, so we weren't able to go. = (
    Saturday's weather is looking good, maybe we'll try again then.
    We did go to the park, which we enjoyed. Keith loves the slides and swings.

  10. sweet salvation for Starbucks !

    so everybody goin to hear hannnah c original music
    at carrie's coffee house
    Saturday night 8pm

  11. does anyone remember the website for that money search? The one that searches for money owed to mom and sis were owed some money, but I can't find the website now.


    Click the 2nd link, "Search Online..."

  13. Go Dad:

    "Man Throws a Log at a Bear, Killing It"

    HELEN, Ga., June 23 (AP) — When a 300-pound black bear raided a family’s campsite, the father saved his sons from harm by throwing a log at it, killing it with a single blow.

    The father, Chris Everhart, and his three sons were camping in the Chattahoochee National Forest in northern Georgia on June 16 when the bear took the family’s cooler and was heading back to the woods with it.

    When the youngest son, 6-year-old Logan, hurled a shovel at it, the bear dropped the cooler and started toward the boy, Mr. Everhart said. A former Marine, he grabbed the closest thing he could find — a log from their stash of firewood.

    “It happened to hit the bear in the head,” Mr. Everhart said. “I thought it just knocked it out but it actually ended up killing the bear.”

  14. You don't have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things--to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.

    Sir Edmund Hillary

  15. pray for a friend at work - C.B. - who is having a procedure tomorrow a.m. at 8-ish...

    she is the one who has said "don't push your religion off on me" to some of the other nurses (i heard her)... but the past week, i've felt more and more that i should actually PRAY for her... so...

    she's going for this procedure... and i prayed for her last night... but tonight, on the phone, i actually spoke to her the fact that I knew she was probably nervous about the procedure...and that I would be praying for her... that's all i felt released to say at the time...

    keep praying with me that I'll have keen sense of the Holy Spirit's guiding with this lovely lady of His in waiting...

    love you all!

    see you at the Call!

    almost forgot my sign-in and password!!

    oh, and fireworks are going off over here as the forces of darkness and light try to determine who's in charge... and we sweep and kick out the devil and pull in the sheep.... and now father and son are working side-by-side in his bedroom, electric screwdriver in hand, enjoying the commaraderie of friendship and love...

    being a parent is interesting...

    good night and good week my friends...

  16. any good deals on hotels for the call? see ya there!

    40 more days of fasting for Sadu mtgs....

  17. (wonders what post was removed & why?)

  18. conspiracy theories can be put to rest on this one: deleted message was a double-sent post.....sometimes it just happens.

  19. conspiracy theories can be put to rest on this one: deleted message was a double-sent post.....sometimes it just happens.

  20. that is ironically posted twice!

  21. conspiracy theories can be put to rest on this one: deleted message was a double-sent post.....sometimes it just happens.

  22. is there an echo in here?in here?in here?

  23. can help with last minute Nashville hotel reservations: many prices and types available
    $40-250....keep scrolling for the search

  24. I like corn flakes

  25. It's kind of funny when you're on a conference call and have your phone on mute, then you start explaining something, then others keep talking, so you say your couple sentences again, then wonder why no one is responding to you, then realize that you didn't un-mute your phone so no one is hearing you.

    Office humor... gotta love it!

  26. Hey check it out I finally got a new photo!

  27. Wow that one is small I wonder if this will help..testing

  28. Nope that one was even smaller. Ok back to the first one! I think I am done now!

  29. Oh the pun:

    “The psychic went out of business. I wonder if she saw that coming.”

  30. the call! was beautiful. so many believers together in one place to seek one Lord in unity.
    lou and all did a marvelous job puttin it all together and the Holy Spirit had liberty

  31. I saw some Bretts & friends ,Briana, Remmers, Jessica&Erica, Towles and RADIANTS.

  32. ooops, I mean ERIC

    100,000+ attended

  33. Radiant-Kevin Prosch- - - - - - - - -- - Misty Edwards-MW SMITH- - - --

    Who else played?

    It was so awesome at 8 when all the 300 sounded off.......

    It was heavy..........

    God opened my eyes to so many things all weekend long.......

    He is so awesome.


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